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November 2019 Epilepsy Community Events

28 October 2019, SeizureLink Staff

Living With Epilepsy

This month is the perfect time to connect with your epilepsy community, because November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. There are plenty of opportunities to raise epilepsy awareness, so put on your...

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5 Relaxation Exercises

21 October 2019, SeizureLink Staff

Health & Epilepsy, Living With Epilepsy

Relaxation exercises provide simple yet effective ways to boost your mood and improve your mental well being in general. Why is this important? Living with epilepsy has been associated with a...

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Can the Ketogenic Diet Really Reduce Your Seizures by 50%?

18 October 2019, SeizureLink Staff

Epilepsy Information, Health & Epilepsy, Living With Epilepsy

If you've heard of keto, you may wonder why it's often in the same sentence as epilepsy. After all, it's just a popular diet within the weight loss community, right? Not necessarily. Studies show...

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Top 20 Epilepsy Blogs

04 September 2019, SeizureLink Staff

Living With Epilepsy

If you are living with epilepsy or know a person with epilepsy, it's essential to know you aren't alone. There are many blogs from people who deal with epilepsy on many levels - sharing...

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