Living Beyond Epilepsy

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10 Epilepsy Educational Resources

05 August 2019, SeizureLink Staff

Epilepsy Information

If you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy, you may not know where to turn for information. Not to worry! There are plenty of organizations that provide great information...

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Getting Started with Seizure Action Plans at School

02 August 2019, SeizureLink Staff

When our family first found out that our son had epilepsy, it turned our world upside down. We weren’t sure how we would feel about our son having a seizure at school, at his baseball practice, on...

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What's Happening in the Epilepsy Community in August 2019?

31 July 2019, SeizureLink Staff

Living With Epilepsy

A new school year will be starting soon, but there’s still a few weeks left for summer fun!  August is jammed packed with a variety of events to end your summer break on a high note. Grab your...

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Is Better Seizure Training Going Mainstream?

01 July 2019, SeizureLink Staff

Epilepsy Information

Sending a child with epilepsy to school can be frightening for parents. In the case of a seizure, it's essential that the school staff knows how to respond. 

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