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Events in the Epilepsy Community June 2019

10 June 2019, SeizureLink Staff

Living With Epilepsy

Summer is finally here, and the epilepsy community is abuzz with golf tournaments, conferences, galas, and more. The month of June is a busy time for many of our epilepsy organization friends and...

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How to Deal With the Social Stigma of Epilepsy

20 May 2019, SeizureLink Staff

Living With Epilepsy

Even in today’s advanced society, the epilepsy-stigma struggle is real. If you’re feeling frustrated due to stigma you’ve experience in your life, try to remember that the general public may not...

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What's Happening in the Epilepsy Community in May 2019

25 April 2019, SeizureLink Staff

Epilepsy Information

Now that winter has slipped away and spring is really starting to bloom, the epilepsy community is bustling with activity.

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How stress affects seizures

03 April 2019, SeizureLink Staff

Health & Epilepsy

Most people encounter stress on a daily basis. In fact, a December 2017 Gallup Poll found that eight in 10 Americans are stressed and 79% of Americans reported feeling stressed sometimes or...

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