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February 2019 Events in the Epilepsy Community

12 February 2019, SeizureLink Staff

Epilepsy Information, Living With Epilepsy

There’s a lot going on in the Epilepsy Community in February! From fancy galas to fun runs, people are showing up to support families and individuals with epilepsy as well as research that seeks a...

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What is a Breakthrough Seizure and How to Prepare for it?

18 September 2018, SeizureLink Staff

Epilepsy Information

An epilepsy diagnosis can be a jolt. You might feel that your life has been turned upside down. It’s a lot to deal with and you might have a few fish out of water moments as you grapple with...

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I Was Diagnosed with epilepsy! Now What?

02 August 2018, Stephanie A. Mayberry

Epilepsy Information

It has been a long (and probably very frustrating) road, but you finally have your diagnosis – epilepsy. You’re probably experiencing a mixture of feelings: relief because “it” finally has a name,...

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