Top 20 Epilepsy Blogs

04 September 2019, SeizureLink Staff
There are many blogs from people who deal with epilepsy on many levels - sharing perspectives on daily life with epilepsy, employment, parenthood, being a caregiver, and so much more.

If you are living with epilepsy or know a person with epilepsy, it's essential to know you aren't alone. There are many blogs from people who deal with epilepsy on many levels - sharing perspectives on daily life with epilepsy, employment, parenthood, being a caregiver, and so much more. Check out the top 20 epilepsy blogs below and subscribe to your favorites.


  1. 1. Seizy Freezy Beautiful


Brianna is continuously learning new ways to deal with her epilepsy and share her insight with others. Seizy Breezy Beautiful is an ideal blog for people who want to learn firsthand what someone with epilepsy goes through on a day-to-day basis. She discusses treatment options, how to cope with seizures, and how family and friends can help.

"I don’t have to let epilepsy dictate or diminish my identity as a mother. I have epilepsy; I am a mother. ” - Brianna


  1. 2. Christalle Bodiford


Christalle Bodiford uses her experiences and knowledge about epilepsy to write blogs that are both informative and easy to read. She discusses treatment options, her past experiences, diet options, and how they affect epilepsy, as well as various ways to deal with all of the emotions associated with the disorder.

“There are 86,400 seconds in a day, and how we spend every second is a choice. I'm choosing to make the most out of my time by being in the flow, living from a place of gratitude for those small moments that we often take for granted.” - Christalle Bodiford


  1. 3. Calvin’s Story


Christy Shake goes into great detail concerning her son's journey with epilepsy and how she and her family have dealt with the challenges. It's a great read because she shares her innermost feelings and concerns with her audience. 

"My son Calvin was born six weeks early with significant neurological problems of unknown origin. When he turned two, he was diagnosed with epilepsy, which eclipsed all other adversity he'd encountered." - Christy Shake


  1. 4. Epilepsy Dad


Epilepsy Dad is a blog that details Dave’s journey as n epilepsy parent. It's a great read if you want a father's perspective. It is well written and informative covering several topics, including diet possibilities, how to cope with the stress of having a child with epilepsy, and how to find resources and support.

“The journey has given us allies and surrounded us by our village. Our people. Our family. And we draw so much strength from knowing that we are not on this journey alone.” - Dave


  1. 5. Hope 4 Epilepsy


Shawnee is an epilepsy mother and offers useful advice, and interviews to support individuals with epilepsy. Her website gives insight to a mother’s perspective and others working as advocates within the epilepsy community.

“No matter how hard this epilepsy journey may get, it will feel like a roller coaster at times, one minute everything is fine and the next it’s all bad, you still have to keep your faith, stay positive, and keep pushing. Don’t give up.” - Shawnee 


  1. 6. Life’s A Jewel


Life's A Jewel is a well written and informative blog designed to both inform and empower individuals with epilepsy. Several topics are covered in depth by a variety of authors, including how to cope with seizures, where to find support, diet, and treatment options. 

"Balancing on a rope requires skill, steady feet, a steady mind, and a sense of weight control. As you can see, the act of balancing consists of several things. Some of these things may be small but at the same time necessary to put the act together." - Ginel Love, '25 Tips To Balance Everyday Work and Play'


  1. 7. Joe Stevenson


As a writer with epilepsy and disability advocate, Joe’s blog offers several topics to choose from and provides insight from someone who deals with the disorder regularly. Topics include how to create a support system, handling the tough emotions and decisions associated with epilepsy as well as learning to survive with the disorder. It's a great read because he speaks from experience and the knowledge he's gained over the years. 

"Epilepsy is a lot more complicated than people typically believe. Not many people seem to know anything about its effects such as memory loss, which has been my biggest issue regarding epilepsy." - Joe Stevenson


  1. 8. Epilepsy Lifestyle


Epilepsy Lifestyle is Kyle Keiffer's way of letting others take a quick glimpse at his life and how epilepsy affects it. He encourages others to stay positive and rely on their family and friends for support when times are tough.

“Those who are battling the epilepsy mountain are strong, inspirational individuals.” - Kyle Keiffer


  1. 9. Metabolic Mama


Leah T provides an up-close and personal look at how epilepsy has affected her family. Her blog is an excellent read for new mothers or individuals who are just starting on their epilepsy journey. Leah discusses medical treatment, diagnosis questions, and dealing with the emotions of having a child with epilepsy.

"My heart and mind are so open, and I even dream of adopting a child with different needs now that I am more confident caring for kiddos with complex needs." - Leah T


  1. 10. Living Well with Epilepsy


In 2019, Living Well with Epilepsy celebrates its 10th year! The blog features stories and offers viewpoints from people with epilepsy, parents, caregivers, and others who work with the disorder daily - an exceptional blog with a variety of topics, such as treatment options, emotional support, and dietary suggestions.

"For all of us that have partners, parents, kids, siblings, family, friends, who are like family that looks after us, we need always to remember that they are true warriors who watch over us every single day. And as we continue to spread our message about epilepsy in all its glory, let's not forget to care for our caregivers and celebrate them too." - Shonet Dsouza, Guest Contributor


  1. 11. Epilepsy Empowered


Matt Gutting's blog provides readers with a personal look into his journey, daunting the subtitle ‘It’s yours. Own, or be owned.’ Excellent reading!

“Epilepsy, as they say, is what we are, not who we are. It’s not the whole of our lives, and we can be whole human beings even with it. At the same time, though, we can’t overlook its effects on us, and the real changes it makes in us and” - Matt Gutting


  1. 12. Mickie's Miracles


Mickie's Miracles is a blog where individuals with epilepsy as well as their caregivers can share their stories and insights with others. This blog is exceptional because it allows those with epilepsy to tell their story using a public forum. Topics range from finding emotional support, seeking treatment options, and learning how to cope with epilepsy daily.

“I am a counselor, a friend, a daughter, a dog lover, and much more. But above all else, I am the mother of a perfect little epilepsy warrior.” – Caylin (contributor)


  1. 13. My Epilepsy Story


Brandy Parker-McFadden shares her journey through the many facets of 'My Epilepsy Story.' The website includes information on living healthy, epilepsy, events, and many other topics.

“Every picture tells a story, and every patient has a story to tell.” - Brandy Parker-McFadden


  1. 14. Epilepsy Talk


Phylis' blog is an excellent read because she has epilepsy and uses her experience to advocate for others. Her blog offers information on support, treatment options, and emotional stress associated with epilepsy.

“They say, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Well, believe it or not, it could help your EEG results!” - Phylis Feiner Johnson


  1. 15. #iepilepsy


Rafaela’s blog is an excellent read because she speaks from experience and can help both Spanish and English-speaking patients understand epilepsy. She covers topics like diet, having a positive support system, and various treatment options.

"Instead of complaining and asking myself, "why me?" I realized that I am VERY lucky to have epilepsy and to be part of 70% of the patients that can manage seizures with medication. I shifted my complaints and negativity and turned into gratitude." - Rafaela Estrougo


  1. 16. Seize Your Adventure


Seize Your Adventure, founded by Francesca Turauskis, is full of podcasts and blogs that share the adventures of several individuals who are dealing with epilepsy. It's a great read because they discuss how they have used epilepsy to create new adventures and live life to the fullest.

“I learned the most important lesson of my epileptic life: 'epileptic opportunity.' Turning the disadvantages of epilepsy into benefits for one’s passions.” - Jared Muscat


  1. 17. The Student Log


Susanna maintains The Student Log as a way of sharing her insights about epilepsy with others. This blog is great because it discusses her life as a student, the challenges she faces, and how she deals with various treatment options and health issues that arise.

“Epilepsy isn't just seizures.” - Susanna Fantoni


  1. 18. The Epilepsy Journey


Tiffany offers an inside look at what it's like to be a person living with epilepsy. She provides exceptional insight into what it's like to deal with epilepsy daily.

“Every setback leaves behind a path to make your comeback.” - Tiffany Kairos


  1. 19. Epilepsy Sparks


Torie’s blog, Epilepsy Sparks, is excellent because it offers a wide variety of topics to choose from - health, wellness, exercise, being positive, and the list goes on. She speaks from experience and shares new developments in epilepsy.

"Look after yourself. Be open-minded, do your research, ask questions, and learn from credible resources regarding your epilepsy!" - Torie Robinson


  1. 20. Changing Focus: Epilepsy


Whitney’s blog is great because it details her journey with epilepsy and provides readers with information about the disorder, treatment options, and coping mechanisms. 

“Hearing the phrase 'You have Epilepsy' can be one of the scariest things anyone can hear, but I promise you can have a meaningful, fulfilling life just by being informed.” - Whitney Petit


Blogs are great ways to learn how others are coping with epilepsy and a reminder that you are not alone in facing the challenges that come with living with the disorder. Learn more about how the SeizureLink System™ can help you live your best life with epilepsy by visiting our website.




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